Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MAC - All That Glitters Review

Hey Girls,

I wanted to write about one of my favorite make up products that I repeatedly buy once I see it running out.
Its a MAC eyeshadow named 'All That Glitters'
 I went to the MAC counter in search for a neutral eye shade to wear during the summer months. I got recommended a Lilac color at first but I thought I need something that will go with everything..And then the assistant came out with this little stunner!
Its a rather plain color but that's one of the reasons I love it! It is a beige/pearly shimmery color. You can wear this eye shade by its self or add a darker shade in the crease. It has a warm undertone to it, but you can do so many looks with it as it's neutral color. I love adding a dark brown to this eye shade the effect comes out beautiful!
This color is really wearable going from day to night as it has the shimmer to it. I also love using this as a highlight on the brow or just using it for the tear duct. 

I live in a hot country and combination skin and wearing this eye shadow was a breeze it stayed on from day to night, and what I love about MAC eye shadows is that when I apply there is hardly any drop out.

Hope you found this review useful. 
Love Lola

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Branded Make-up Vs Cheap Makeup

People wonder why branded makeup is so expensive and out of reach? Why not just use cheaper products and save the money? The reality is there.. There is a huge difference between the two.
For starters of make-up cheaper products can be used. It helps for practicing, rather than experimenting by highly expensive brands and end up wasting them. As you get the hang of it you can step up and use bit more costing brands. So when you have become an expert you can move on the most expensive make-up. And trust me, you will notice a huge difference from where you started and where you have ended up.
The cheaper labels present are more powdery and will not give you satisfying  results. For example, if cheaper foundation is used, you will find lesser shades and will not suit your skin. It can cause skin problems and make your skin look weird. This is because of imbalance of certain substances in the product, because of low research. If you buy cheap eye-shades, they will probably turn out to be more powdery and falling on other parts of the face from the eyes, plus the fact that it wont last more than half an hour.
Now the facts of recognized brands. All the beauty products which are being produced by some of recognized brands are made with full research of the ingredients which are present in it. They are thoroughly tested on all skin types and and dermatologicaly proven and accepted. They make sure that everything needed is in balance and is hygienic in every aspect. Then they provide their customers which they really need by every day. For example, there mascaras will be the best, volumizing, lengthening and darkening them up beautifully without any clumps being formed. 
So as I have observed , all the research and costs made by these cosmetic companies to provide a good quality product to their customers  do deserve to be well publicized and respected. for practicing make-up you can use cheaper brands, but branded cosmetics take it to a whole new level.

Love Jila

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

L'oreal Glamshine Lipgloss

Today I will be doing a review of L'Oreal glam shine lip-gloss. it has been one of my favourite lip-glosses over the time. It has a wide range of beautiful colors. As it is described, it is actually quite shimmery and it dazzles ones lips up. It comes with a beautiful, cute and a transparent bottle. It contains 20oz. of lip-gloss. It volumizes the lip color and gives your lips the shape, depth and luster.
It has moisture drenched formula and liquid consistency which makes the lips moist. One of the best thing about this is that it not at all sticky, despite of the amount of glitter and pigment present in it.The application is quite easy with there different wand, which applies on the lip with only one perfect stroke. When I applied it, it looked really sparkly and shimmery and it made no bumpy effect, which most sparkly lip-glosses usually do. It is not particularly my casual wear, but more of a formal wear, because it makes my lips look too fabulous.
It also stays on for quite a long time as the company claims it to be. It will also leave a shine after it fades and keeps the lips soft.
Shockingly,  the lip-gloss is really cheap to buy, and it is a total investment. It gives a brilliant effect at night time. The wand application is very easy, smooth and controlled. Bottle looks very cute and is handy; shape of a hourglass. it moisturises the lips, so no lip balm is needed.
It totally makes your face lighten  up and makes you the ultimate drama queen.Iit has very nice smell but not any taste. It didn't irritate my lips so its good enough for me. The sparkles blend in and creates a superb shine, almost as a reflection. I feel great to wear it anytime. It had shades of lighter pink, mauve, natural, beige and peachy type colors.
I can say that its the most glitziesed and shiniest lipgloss I have.
 L'Oreal Glam Shine Liploss is totally worth it..!