Monday, 15 August 2011

Vaseline - Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond Oil

Every girl loves to have soft lips..and I usually use a lipbalm or a chapstick and they do moisturize my lips but I prefer to have abit of color to my lips aswell.  So one day I saw my friend using Vaseline-Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond Oil and the packing was really cute and so I put some on too.  I loved the effect because it moisturized my lips and gave them a slight hint of color and shine to them.  Plus the packing is so cute and small it can fit in your handbag, clutch or even slip into your pocket! which I find is great because it doesn't take up much room and its brightly colored so its easy to find! 
Another plus point about this product is the price! Its a reasonable price not expensive at all..and it does the job that its supposed to do.
Applying this product is so easy aswell..just one sweep of your finger in the product and apply to your lips and thats it and because its just a tint of color there is no worry  that you have applied to much of the product or the its un-even, you won't even need a mirror to apply this product which is great when your in a rush!
This product is great for chapped lips aswell as I get in the winter and I also find that in the summer that my lips get quite irritated whilst sitting in the fan or AC and this product does the trick.
But the only problem I have with this product is when I apply this product too much my lips really dry out for some reason ?

But overall this product is worth a try especially for everyday use and the price!

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